Event and Party Guidelines

- Booking parties/events contact Manager at 412-377-9728 by phone or text message OR email to lilbunnyplay@gmail.com (provide Contact Info, what type of party, and days of availability, reasonable time to confirm reservation)

- As the event scheduler, be sure to arrive either with or prior to any of your guests (we do not check them in until you’re here first). Doors open roughly 10 minutes prior to event start times. If you a reservation, it will not be open to you until your event’s start time. Due to COVID, all party reservations include admission for up to 30 guests (all ages). This is the PA mandated maximum for indoor events and gatherings and no guests beyond your core group of 30 will be admitted.

- Food Guidelines!We NUTS FREE facility. Only FINGER food allowed. Absolutely NO SAUCE food!

- Please note that we must keep events running on time and there is no wiggle room to delay your end time, regardless of your arrival time, the arrival time of your guests, the time you choose to order food, eat, have cake, open gifts, participate in activities, rides, games, kitchen wait times, etc. The area must be emptied promptly at the end of your time slot to be sanitized and set up for the next event. 
* Additional 1/2 hour will be charged for $50 and additional hour will be charged for $70.

- Upon confirming a reservation a $150 deposit is required to make a reservation.

If any damages are caused to facility due to you and/or your guests, whether intentionally or unintentionally. You will be asked to cover the expenses of those damages. 

- The remaining balance need to be paid at least one week prior the event.

- If you CANCEL your party:
* 30 days before the party date – full refund
* 29 to 14 days before the party date – $100 refund
* 7 days before the party date – $50 refund

- Extra guest than your package allows – you will pay $10 + tax per extra child $2 + tax per adult.

- Decorations should be limited to those that can be put up and taken down in roughly 10 minutes. Please limit use of tape. We reserve the right to deny use of any decorations or party favors as we see fit. The following are not allowed: confetti, glitter/items with glitter coating, piñatas, smash cakes, silly string, and any other messy items. Staff will clean private rooms after your departure--within reason. Parties deemed to have left an excessive mess will not be welcomed back and will be responsible for any damages found.

- Anyone ill in any manner should remain home. This is not the time for to come in with "sniffles", "allergies", or "just a cold." Anyone with ill household members should remain home. Anyone known to or suspected to have had exposure to someone ill should remain home. 

- Temperatures of all visitors will be taken at entry. Anyone above the threshold will be turned away.

- Make sure all guests bring and wear socks and masks covering the mouth and nose (ages 3 and up).
* Absolutely no exceptions.
* If you have any questions contact Manager at 412-377-9728 by phone or text message OR email to lilbunnyplay@gmail.com